Spring 2014
Columbus Ohio

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You may be asking What exactly is a Wife Carry?

Its a multi-stage obstacle race where one person carries another through a short course consisting of two dry obstacles (such as sand and a log hurdle) as well as a wet obstacle (usually a 2-3 foot deep water pit). The participants do NOT need to be married to each other (or anyone at all). You dont have to be related, in a relationship, neighbors, best friends, heckyou dont even have to like each other! Teams can be comprised of male/female, female/female or male/male.
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So now you may be wondering Well, whats the point? 

Aside from having a crazy fun day that youll be talking about for weeks to come, you can win TWICE your wife's weight in cash. Thats right, cold hard CASH! For example, a 120lb wife = $240 cash. So check out all of the details at www.WifeCarry.com, find yourself a race partner and come have an experience like youve never had before!

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