Spring 2014
Columbus Ohio

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Q: What the heck is a wife carry??
A: An obstacle race where one person is carried on the back of another. Check it out HERE.

Q: Do I need to be married to my race partner?
A: Nope! You can be friends, neighbors, siblings, etc. You do NOT have to be married. You dont even have to like each other!

Q: Whats the best way to carry someone?
A: Any which way you can. Piggyback, firefighter-style, etc but the seemingly most effective way is the Estonian Carry.

Q: What kind of race course can I expect?
A: You will experience sand, log hurdles and a water pit on an approximately 150-200m course.

Q: Will we be able to practice?
A: The course will be open for practice runs before the event starts.  Check your city's page for more details.  Keep in mind there will likely be more than a few teams practicing at one time.  Please play nice!

Q: Whats the prize?
A: The fastest team wins TWICE the wife's weight in cold, hard cash. (ex- 120lb = $240 cash) The wife is defined as the person being carried, no matter what the gender. The winning teams wife will be weighed immediately following the finals and after they empty their pockets of rocks.

Q: What about the rest of us? What do we get if we DONT win?
A: Aside from having a crazy fun fun day, all participants receive a super awesome t-shirt to prove you were part of the madness!

Q: What are we required to bring?
A: The person being carried MUST BRING AND WEAR A HELMET. Our insurance requires it and we want you to be safe!

Q: Ok then, what SHOULD we bring?
A: Aside from a HELMET, you should bring a towel because at least one of you is going to get wet, a change of clothes and/or shoes, a sense of humor, plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Please no outside food or drink.  The venue has great food and cold drinks...please help support our sponsor!

Q: Should we wear costumes?
A: Why not?! Anything from custom printed team shirts to full-blown costumes.  Everything is more fun in a costume!  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

The Great American Wife Carry is not affiliated with the World Wife Carrying Championship or the North American Wife Carrying Championship

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