Spring 2014
Columbus Ohio

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  • Above all else, you must have fun!

  • All participants must be at least 21 years old.

  • Teams may be comprised of 1 male and 1 female, or 2 females, or 2 males. There will be not separate divisions - Everyone races against each other no matter what the team structure is.

  • Team members are not required to be married to each other (or anyone else). You dont even have to like each other!  Blow-up "wives" are not allowed!

  • Either teammate can carry or be carried (male carrying female or female carrying male), but you may not switch positions or team members at any time during the race or the event in general.

  • The person being carried must wear a helmet during each of their races.

  • Heats will be run with two teams at a time, at approximately 2-3 minute start intervals. The second wave of heats will start 20 minutes after the first heat is completed. The exact time will depend on the final number of teams.

  • Each team will run the course twice. The better of the two times will determine their qualifying for the finals.

  • The ten fastest teams will qualify for the finals. The finals will be run 20 minutes after the second heat is completed. The finals will be run with one team at a time. The fastest time from the finals wins, regardless of any other time posted during the day.

  • The person being carried must be a minimum of 105lbs.  If they are under that weight, the person being carried will be required to wear a backback filled with enough sand (both provided by us) to bring their weight to 105lbs.  YES, we will have scales there to make sure!

  • There is no penalty for dropping the person being carried. The time you lose will be punishment enough!

  • If you interfere with the progress of another team, either intentionally or not, you will be disqualified from that heat and your time will not count.

  • The rulings of the event and timing staff are final.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

The Great American Wife Carry is not affiliated with the World Wife Carrying Championship or the North American Wife Carrying Championship

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